Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs


In this fun photo app, take pictures alongside your favorite dinosaurs! In other “photo editing” apps, you first take a picture, and then place fun objects on the photo afterwards. With Taking Pictures With Dinosaurs, you can have your friends pose alongside dinosaurs right in your viewfinder!


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Pose your dinosaur in your frame while you’re taking the photo

No need for multiple steps. Just position the dinosaur, point and shoot. It’s that simple!



Includes 20 free dinosaur poses

Choose from three dinosaurs–Tyrannosaurus rexDiceratopsArgentinosaurus and Sucomimus–with 5 different poses each.





Share your photos with friends

Easily post your dinosaur photos to Facebook or tweet them on your Twitter feed. Or email photos to friends from within the app



Additional dinosaur packs available!

Available via in-app purchase. Each bundle includes 5 Dinosaurs with 5 poses each for 25 dinosaur poses total. Bundles include dinosaurs like VelociraptorTriceratopsStegosaurus and Brachiosaurus.