Zachy the Robot: The Leaning Tower of Robocity


parentchoicesealWinner of a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award in 2011, this educational interactive cartoon finds Zachy the Robot and the Repairbots sent on a mission to straighten the Leaning Tower of Robocity.

for ages 3 and up

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When the tallest building in Robocity starts leaning over and blocking the sun from hapless Robocity gardeners and sunbathers, the Mayor calls in Zachy the Robot and the Repairbots to save the day. This interactive cartoon lets kids join Zachy and friends as they encounter a series of puzzles on their mission to fix the Leaning Tower. Along the way, kids learn valuable lessons about balance, observation skills and teamwork!

The educational content of Zachy the Robot: The Leaning Tower of Robocity was developed and tested in cooperation with the Carnegie Mellon University Children’s School, a leading research preschool and kindergarten that specializes in early childhood education and development.